Cortra Langen

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Cortra Langen
Gender Male
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Andoran

Cortra Langen is an Andoran Drin of the Grey Tower.


Cortra Langen is quite tall at 6'2, and weighs roughly 200 lbs. He is very agile, and was nicknamed "wolf" by friends in his home city of Caemlyn because of his ability to sneak into and out of the Royal Grounds when he was only 15. The 22 year old has blue eyes, and brown hair. He is very calm and hardly ever gets angry, however he strives for success at everything he does. Cortra has a very outgoing personality and befriends people he trusts very easily. On the other hand, he can also be very wary of those he does not know, or trusts. Before deciding to begin his journey to Tar Valon, Cortra was a captain for one of the Queens armies, and was well known amongst his people as a brilliant strategest. He started his career as a soldier when he was 18 but soon achieved status as leuitenant and then captain. He decided to resign from the army and join the trainees at the Tower in hopes of one day becoming a Gaidin. This idea was formed when his regiment was caught in a fierce battle between three Aes Sedai, their warders, and a band of trollocs. As the battle raged on, Cortra noticed how elegant the warders sword techniques were. It seemed as if they were dancing to a tune that only they could hear. Cortra was fascinated by this and realized what a great honour it would be to be able to protect an Aes Sedai, and be able to "dance" as the warders he had seen had done. Although the captain knew he would have to forsake all skills he had known previously, he was willing to take that chance to become a Gaidin. Cortra believes that people can do anything they want as long as they put their minds to it.

Career History

  • Drin