Corsedai Tiamicova

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Corsedai Tiamicova
core-sa-die tee-ah-mee-co-vah
Created by Crysthia (player)
Gender Female
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Tairen
Weapon Skills
  • Polearms ✦✦✦✦✦
  • Dagger ✦✦✦
  • Unarmed ✦✦
  • Throwing Dagger ✦

Corsedai Tiamicova (born Anlarys Cairvenya) is a Tairen Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Cor was once a naive little farm girl from Tear. She's learned a few things since leaving home, namely that men cannot be trusted. She is uncomfortable around men, and quick to anger in their presence. Generally she is quiet and polite. When she forgets to brood about her past she can be mischievous and humorous.

She has unusually long, glossy black hair. She typically keeps it braided else it gets in her way, but she's never considered cutting it, as her father always said he loved how long it was. She is roughly 5'7" and very thin. Her complexion is pale. Her eyes are a light blue, nearly violet. Her back has several scars from the rough treatment of her Master.


Cor closed the door behind her and set her saddlebags down upon the bed. It was a small room, she hadn't been able to afford a larger. It was a small inn anyway and there wasn't much larger to be had. She calculated that she could reach the Grey Tower by midday tomorrow. Rummaging through her things she pulled out a small leather bound book and began to read it.

The Diary of Anlarys Cairvenya Corsedai Tiamicova

My name is Anlarys Cairvenya, and today is my sixteenth naming day. My father gave me this book to write down my thoughts. He said that he hoped I would think on him and mother when I wrote in it. I am leaving tomorrow for the city. I'm being sold to one of the lords there. Well perhaps sold is not the right word, but my first years pay has been advanced to my family. It sure feels like I've been sold. No one asked me what I wanted. But I do not think I could have refused even had I been asked. My family needs that money, and I will get to live and work in a lord's manor in the city! If I weren't so mad that nobody asked me I'd be excited.

I have been here for two weeks now. I am so tired of cleaning. My master came to me tonight and told me he is pleased with my work. He gave me a new name. Corsedai Tiamicova. When I asked him why, I saw anger flicker in his face for an instant. I thought he would hit me, but then he smiled and said that I was his now, and his servants must leave their old lives behind. I nodded as If this made sense and he left me. I think my new name means something in the old tongue, but I don't know what.

It has been three weeks since I was given my new name. A few nights ago my master came to me. He said I was doing so well he wanted to give me a gift. He told me to remove my clothes. I didn't understand but I'd seen him strike another servant for not responding quickly enough to his orders so I did as he asked. His hands fondled my bare breasts and he smiled then told me to lay down on the bed. It occurred to me then what he meant to do. He saw the fear in my eyes and chuckled. He told me some of the other servants would kill to be in the position he was placing me now. I wanted to tell him to take one of them then, but I could not make my mouth work. I'm such a coward it disgusts me. When he was done he brushed away the tears on my cheeks and told me it would not hurt so much the next time. He also told me I would be moving to the servant's quarters adjacent to his rooms tomorrow. He did not want to have to come to me. He has left me alone since that night, but told me I am to come to his rooms tonight. I don't want to go, but I will do as I must, if I leave I know my family will suffer for it.

I have been here for several months now. I now spend nearly every night in my master's bed. He was right it does not hurt so much as the first time. But it still hurts some, he seems to make sure it does. I hate him. I tried to tell him once I did not want this. I pleaded with him to choose someone else. This infuriated him and he had me beaten. I don't say anything anymore. I wonder sometimes if my father knew that this was what he was sending me to. Surely not... but then he did need the money.

Yesterday was my seventeenth naming day. Foolishly I asked my master if I could go back to my family. I tried to sound grateful that he'd presented me the opportunity to work for him, but that surely he didn't need me with so many other servants, but my family could always use more help on the farm. He just laughed at me and told me I belonged to him, that my family didn't want me back, and didn't I like being his little Corsedai? I couldn't bring myself to speak the words, but I nodded which is just as damnable. Will I never go home? Must I be his plaything for the rest of my life?

It has been three months since my last naming day and I've just discovered that I am with child. I am afraid to tell my master. One of the other serving women was with child a few months ago and she disappeared. My master said she got married and went to live with her husband on a farm, but I suspect she is dead. I do not think my master wants a bastard child, and I suspect the nights he is not with me he was with her. I don't know what to do, but if he notices before I tell him he will be angry. He becomes very violent when he is angry.

Oh Light! My life is the pit of doom. I'm bruises from head to toe. I told my master I was with child and I have never seen him so enraged. He called me a whore and said he was going to beat the bastard child out of me. Light he did! I was knocked unconscious though I doubt that stopped him from hitting me. All I know is that I awoke days later with the Head Maid tending me. She told me I must have fallen down the stairs and I lost the baby. I cried in her arms for hours, but I have no tears left now. I am numb. I swear I will kill him for doing this to me. Somehow I vow I will.

My Master left me alone for a month after nearly beating me to death. The others in the house seem worried about me, they say I've been silent, not myself. I guess their concerns reached the Master's hearing because he finally came to me. He pretended to be concerned about my wellbeing and thought that it was time to stop moping and go back to my regular routine to get over my trauma. I wanted to laugh but of course I did not. After he finished taking his pleasures he left me and I went to see the Head Maid. I asked her to procure me some heartleaf tea. I will not allow myself to become with child again. I do not think I would live the next time.

My Master told me we are leaving tomorrow. He has business in Caemlyn and is taking me with him. It will be a long journey. I think it will be nice to see another country, but I'd have just as soon stayed here while he went. I have no choices though.

Oh Light! I've done it! I killed him. He told me he was tired of me, that he was giving me to a Murandian that he had business dealings with. This would be our last night together and he wanted to make it memorable. I was so angry. I'm not a parcel to be passed about. I grabbed his dagger and... well it's done. He looked so surprised. I grabbed everything I could think of, some clothes, his money bag, and ran. I'm half a days ride away from Caemlyn now. I stopped at an inn to collect myself and decide what I should do. I can't go home, not after what I've done. There's an Aes Sedai staying here at the inn. Her warder was telling me about the Grey Tower. She's a woman! A woman warder! I think that Is where I will go. I can learn to take care of myself there.

Reaching the end of the diary, Cor put the book back into her bag and settled into the small bed to sleep. In the morning she had a quick breakfast of porridge and set off. Around midday she arrived at the entrance of the Grey Tower.

"I am Corsedai Tiamicova, I have come to learn to be a Warder." She said to the guard.

Now why did I give them that name? she wondered to herself. Well it is done and I won't change it now. Perhaps it will remind me why I am here.

Career History

  • Drin
  • Ji'val (15 April 2010)
  • Gaidin (8 November 2010)
  • Mistress of Arms (6 February 2011)