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Created by Phynex Aven'Caballein (player)
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Cairhienin

Cianowylf is a Cairhienin Soldier of the Grey Tower.


Cianowylf is tall for near the border of Cairhien, about 6 feet 2 inches tall. His hair is a dark blonde with both red and lighter blonde streaks throughout it. Cian's eyes are Wolfkin gold with unusual spots of very light green. He's muscled like a runner with strong legs and a weaker, but not weak, upper body. Freckles wander charmingly across his face, arms, and back making him look younger than he is. He usually has a slightly naive barrier that he shows to the world, but he is really very bright and quick. Cian is very closed-off to people outside his 'pack', the ones he hasn't accepted into his family.


Cianowylf looked at the man with slight humor brimming in his mostly-golden eyes, his shaggy nearly red hair falling into those shining eyes. Unlike most Wolfkin, his eyes had been a natural light green-gold before they'd changed. So instead of completely turning, they'd retained a wisp of green that hid among the polished gold. Algode Woodsman had come to convince him to leave the forest again, convince him that he needed the civilization of people. That he needed to go to the Grey Tower to be trained.

He'd fought against the old woodsman who had been his keeper with all his might. "The forest is my home, Algode, I can't leave it..." Cian would say, his gold eyes pleading with the man to understand. Usually the woodsman would drop the subject and they would have a quiet tea together but Algode had become more and more persistent as the months wore on.

"You really must go to the Tower when this winter chill breaks. You must leave this forest and learn to be a man," he was saying. His thin, wiry frame was tense with the emotion that always seemed to be natural with him. "You have to go!"

"Peace, oldster, if you continue in this fashion you'll strain yourself again," dry amusement flickered in Cian's gold eyes.

"I will no'," Algode countered with, a sulky tone of voice creeping into his speech. The thin man hruumph-ed softly and muttered about sunshine while he stalked away through the forest without so much as a 'goodbye' to the amused young man. Cianowylf's name to the wolves was 'Sun Fire', and in trying to explain the images associated with it, Algonde had dubbed him 'Sunshine'. With the thought of wolves, Cian called for his pack silently and watched in appreciation as they melted through the forest to him.

Brother... He had the feeling of five wet noses touching his nose as the wolves gathered and greeted him. His alpha female, Dark Night, and her mate, Wildhare, came the closest to him, greeting him with abandon. The other members of their pack waited until they were finished to greet the man. Low Bough shook her muted charcoal grey fur and licked his hand in almost a shy manner, the men had recently caught her in a wolf trap and the only way she had escaped was with Cian's help. His pack had adopted her while she had healed. Pine Needle and GreySky sent him warm greetings in the form of playful metal tackles.

Sun Fire, your man has come to talk to you again... Dark Night's 'voice' roiled over him like a familiar shadow. Her voice wasn't a voice in the speaking words sense, but the peculiar dark cast she had to her images and to her emotions. It matched the absolute blackness of her ebony fur. Does your man still want you to leave the Forest and go to the Stone place? The wolves had no concept of a tower, so Cianowylf had explained it to them in the sense of a vast stone building.

Yes, Sister, my man still wants me to leave and go to the Stone place. The feeling he got in return was quiet contemplation. Sun Fire should go. Go to the Stone place to learn. Be human. Not just wolf. Sun Fire is more than wolf... Her images faded away from his mind, leaving him stunned and a little helpless. Dark Night, are you sure? Would you follow me there? His answer was a warm feeling of love. They would follow where ever he went. He was their packmate.

Cian frowned at the city gates. They were large and rather frightening to him. Only Dark Night and Wildhare had followed him this far, the rest of the pack hung back until the all-clear was given. Cian raised his fist to knock on the door, and just as he did, it opened as if by its own will. A well dressed man stood in the doorway, looking up slightly at the tall Cianowylf.

"Have you come to train at the Grey Tower?" the man asked bluntly. It took Cian a moment to understand him, he was much more used to talking to wolves with their complex image system that the bluntness caught him off guard. "Well? I haven't got all day to stand around and look at your pretty Wolfkin face."

"I've come to the Grey Tower to learn, yes," Cian answered slowly.

"Channeler, Warder, or what?"

"A what?" confusion chased its way around Cian's face.

"Ah, another one of you. Poor confused fool..." the guard said as he summoned a page to fetch an asha'man. The asha'man was dressed in the black uniform with a blue rose pinned to his jacket.

"Heline?" the soft-faced asha'man said to the guard, who Cian realized was a woman.

"Yaron, this boy's come to the Tower, but isn't sure if 'e's a Channeler or a Warder-type. We were hoping you could help out," the stout woman asked. The soft-faced man, Yaron, smiled a warm smile and nodded, turning to look at Cian.

"What's your name, boy?" he asked softly, looking intensely at his face.

"Cianowylf," the Wolfkin said softly, not bothering with anything else.

"A Channeler... I'm sure of it," the man answered, not taking his eyes off Cian, but speaking to the large woman. "I'll take him to see the Master of Soldiers for you."

With that they led the rather perplexed boy through the maze of hallways to his new fate at the Tower.

Career History

  • Soldier