Ci'tanni Shannaran

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Ci'tanni Shannaran
Ci'tanni Shannaran
ki-TAN-ni sha-NAH-ran
Created by Marit
Portrayed by Emilie de Ravin
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Andoran
OP Strength 6.4
Affinities Fire, Air, Earth, Spirit, Water

Ci'tanni Shannaran is an Andoran Novice of the Grey Tower.


Ci'tanni does not have the height of an Andoran, and stands only 5'4" above ground level. Her skin is light, but slightly tanned, giving it a sweet color. She has short blond hair reaching down to below her ears, waving uncontrolled around her face when it's windy. Her eyes are pure green, shining like two emeralds.

Kitty is a very quiet girl, and doesn't talk at all. She was born mute, but that doesn't bother her. She wouldn't have talked much if she had had a voice either. She doesn't have many friends, as many don't understand her and that she can't talk. In fact she has only one friend, her brother, who understands her fully and totally. She talks with her hands, with gestures, a language she and her brother created together. She uses this language to talk to him, and he acts like her voice when needed.

She is a calm girl, and one that can be trusted in. She doesn't give away any secrets at all. She won't do anything mean to another person or animal, unless they harm her or her family. If that happens, she doesn't know what she'd do. Seeing she can't speak back when teased, she tries to stay away from troublesome people if possible. Though that's not always easy.


Ci'tanni was born in a small village in Andor, named Arien. She's a girl not like the others, and her parents noticed that first when she was born. Unlike most babies, she didn't scream when she was born. She was silent as a stone, not uttering a single loud sound. And her silence stayed in her mouth as she grew up. Her parents were a simple family with just enough money for themselves, and they didn't have any money to spend on clothes and the likes for Ci'tanni. But she didn't mind. As long as she had some clothes to wear, she didn't mind how they looked. Her parents were a little worried about her not saying a word, but as she grew older, they more or less ignored it. And then they ignored her.

She had one brother, Daelan, who was five years older than her, and he was her only friend, the only one who understood her. He taught her how to talk without words, as he understood that she wasn't able to talk whether she wanted to or not. He was by her side most of the time, supported her when she needed, and spoke for her when there were things that had to be said. She was grateful of having him as a friend and brother.

When Daelan turned seventeen, he took Ci'tanni with him and moved to Whitebridge. He was the only relative she had, after her parents ignored her. The two of them had their own little house in Whitebridge. Daelan worked at the local tannery, and Ci'tanni worked as a serving maid in an inn called "The Wayfarer's Rest". But one day, not long after Ci'tanni's seventeenth nameday, her life changed.

It happened so that a woman, who turned out to be an Aes Sedai, came to the inn on her way back to the Tower. And it happened so that Ci'tanni was sent to serve this woman. The Aes Sedai saw the spark in her, and said that she was to come with her to the White Tower, and that she would die if she wasn't taught in the Power. When Ci'tanni came home, she "told" her brother about it. Daelan told her that she mustn't go with the woman. "Aes Sedai's are not ones you can trust," he told her. She knew that herself, as Daelan had told her what they had done to their real father. He could use the Power, and the Aes Sedai killed him for that reason. But Daelan knew that the Aes Sedai was right, that she could die if she wasn't taught in how to control the Power. He told her to pack her things and go to the Back Tower. There she could get the training she needed. She did as he said, and before the next day dawned, she was on her way to a new life.

She soon learned that the Black Tower was not the place for her. They were too focused on battle, fighting and destruction. But she heard of a place called the Grey Tower, a place where Aes Sedai and Asha'man lived together. The Asha'man of the Black Tower called them weak, soft, but to Ci'tanni it sounded like the place for her, even with her dislike of Aes Sedai. She spent almost a turn of the seasons at the Black Tower, learning to control the One Power, and then she left, setting course for the Mountains of Mists. She stopped by Whitebridge and her brother on the way, letting him know of her decision. He agreed with her, that the Grey Aes Sedai couldn't be as bad as the White bitches, and while he was still distrustful of them, he respected her decision, and wished her a good journey.

Career History

  • Novice (3 June 2014)