Chyane Liale

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Chyane Liale
Chyane Liale
Shy-anne Lie-ale
Created by Sarah
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Spouse Nerad Tendo
Bondmate(s) Nerad Tendo
Nationality Altaran (Ebou Dar)
OP Strength 3.5
Affinities Spirit, Air, Water, Earth, Fire

Chyane Liale is an Altaran Brown Oathsworn Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower. She is married and bonded to Nerad Tendo.


Chyane is 5'8", and likes how it sometimes makes her feel she holds that power over others. Her Altaran origin shows in her dark, easily tanned skin and dark chocolate brown hair. But her eyes are a surprising green against her colouring, not bright but they seem to not fit in with the rest of her. She often wears her hair down, naturally wavy, but sometimes she pulls it back in a tie.

Raised in Ebou Dar, she is used to women having all the control. She is usually self-confident, to an extreme at times, but since her imprisonment she has become more subdued and timid. Since her capture she has grown to fear authority to an extent, and she sometimes has trouble trusting people who have any power over her.


I was only 12 when they came. It was not a bloody usurping, in fact at first it seemed there would be little change for my family, not being nobles or very wealthy. Our current ruler, Tylin, was even allowed to keep her throne under the Seanchans nose. But it was only a few months later when they found me, and that all changed. They stole me off the streets, not even explaining where they were taking me or why. They put me on a chain, a cursed silver chain they called an a'dam in their slurred, impossible to understand way of speaking. I was no more then a dog to them, no more then a wretched pet with very useful abilities... they thought I had to be trained... trained to submission and obedience.

But this is not a story of those days. I cannot bear to recall them now, they are too close at hand. This is a story of my coming to the Grey Tower.

After living there for nearly a year, I had become the submissive pet they wanted. I still often had thoughts of escape, and many more of the revenge they would get when I did. Every time I bowed at their wretched feet or performed their magic against my will, I thought of how I longed to use that against them. Though, now when I look back, I realize that there was no weave I could have used, fireworks and mining never really hurt anyone.

The morning of that fateful day, I was laying awake in my kennel (I call it a kennel for it housed pets, not humans. I was beginning to think of myself that way). I was thinking of my parents, wondering what had become of them. To this day I don't know what has become of them, but I hope and pray to the Light every day that they are still alive and that I might see them again.

I heard a sound of soft footsteps outside the door. Wondering what my trainers were doing this early, I waited for them to enter. I sat up apathetically, actually looking forward to the morning run. It was the closest thing to free time us damane were given. I was shocked to see a woman I was not used to seeing standing in the doorway, and after a moment I realized she was one of the other non-Seanchan damane. Her face was haggard and sunken in, her eyes shifty, suspecting attack from every side.

After the woman left removed the collar, by some magic it seemed as I had never seen any sort of catch, we left the small cell. Our feet tread lightly on the cold stone floor, and I my heart was pounding loud enough for me to hear.

I glanced in the window of one cell and saw a girl of my age laying there. I stopped dead. "What about them? Aren't you going to save them too?" The other woman looked back, clear shock on her face. "Save them? They would think we were capturing them. No, they can't be saved."

The damane in the cell saw her looking through the window and sat up. I went over to the door, giving a pleading look to the older woman. As I took that closer look at the older woman, I began to wonder how old she actually was. She looked like she could be 25, but her eyes seemed to speak ages. My thoughts were interrupted as the damane began to scream, calling out for help. I changed my mind about the pitiful Seanchan pet and fled.

Thoughts of guards capturing and returning us haunted my thoughts, and I began to realize we were attempting the impossible. Just because that woman could get her collar off didn't mean they were free! Surely they had other security around here!

Suddenly a young Seanchan guard came around the corner. My heart stopped in my chest, I was frozen stiff. My year of imprisonment bid me fall to my knees and beg for mercy, but I couldn't even move. Suddenly the man was lifted from his feet slammed against the wall, falling unconscious.

Of course.. the woman was a bloody Aes Sedai! But how did she get here, as a damane? Surely she wasn't captured! But, as she'd always been told, Aes Sedai always have their own reasons for things. And stories about them always said how calm they were, no matter what the situation. This one broke that rule, but then again stories were rarely completely true.

They made it through the damane grounds after meeting only one more guard and passed through Ebou Dar into the countryside. Where were they going? She thought it best not to ask.

"Don't go back," the Aes Sedai said. I stared at her, not sure how to respond, and I was further surprised when she handed me two large gold coins. I had never seen so much money in my life!

"But aren't you going to take me with you... don't I have to learn...?" "No, I have to go." I realized that even though we seemed out of the danger, the other woman still looked scared, like someone might come at her any moment. What was wrong with her? I decided I didn't really want to know... but I had no idea what I was going to do.

The Aes Sedai turned around and left me there, still not sure where I was supposed to go. I knew I couldn't go back, I'd already realized that.

Eventually my path led me here, to the Grey Tower. I found another Aes Sedai along the way, who brought me here within moments to the Grey Tower through what I now know is called a Gateway. I wonder often about that other woman, why she couldn't do the same and why she left me so quickly. But here I am, still not sure how I got here, except by fate itself.

Career History

  • Novice
  • Accepted
  • Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah (6 August 2006)
  • Council of Youth
  • Keeper of the Chronicles