Catasina do Moerin a'Mathira

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Catasina do Moerin a'Mathira
Created by Alianora
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Murandian

Catasina do Moerin a'Mathira is a Murandian Novice of the Grey Tower.


Catasina is driven by her desire to prove herself. She possesses a great deal of ambition and believes she deserves more from life than she would have received as the daughter of a minor Murandian lord. Seeking to control her own fate, she resents being told what to do, though she is rarely outright defiant. She is largely guided by emotion, rather than reason, which often results in impulsive decision making that can be a problem for her.

She thrives on attention and dislikes being alone. She wants to be liked, and as a result, does her best to be kind, considerate, and behave as if she is interested in the lives of other people. However, Catasina is at heart a selfish person, and these attempts can come off as insincere, even with those few she truly cares for. She has a strong tendency towards jealousy of anyone she perceives as having something she wants. Despite this, she has an energetic and fun-loving nature that is able to draw other people to her.

Catasina's straight black hair falls to her waist, but is almost always worn up in some sort of intricate braid. She has grey eyes and the light skin of someone who spends long hours inside. She is thin, fine boned, and of average height. She has delicate features which make her seem more fragile than she actually is, and long-fingered, elegant hands which have clearly never known work. She takes pride in her appearance, and will not be seen in anything dirty or torn if she can avoid it.


When Catasina was born, the third daughter of the lord and lady do Moerin a'Mathira, she was almost immediately placed into the waiting arms of a hired nanny. This set the tone for her entire childhood, one spent in the charge of a succession of nannies tasked with looking after the little girl whose parents had no time for her. She received the same education as her older sisters, learning to read, write, and other arts expected of a noblewoman. As a child, Catasina thought that if she behaved, her parents would begin to care about her and she applied herself to her lessons as much as she could. When that didn't work, she went through a short period of rebellion, screaming at her instructors and tearing up her papers and books. That earned her a spanking from various nannies more than once, but even the worst behavior her childish mind could come up with wasn't enough to get her parents involved. Eventually, Catasina stopped trying to provoke them, but inside of her, a resentment of her parents and envy of her sisters had begun to build.

As she grew older, and her formal lessons ended, Catasina found herself with seemingly endless time on her hands. She passed many of those hours working at her embroidery hoop, a skill she'd learned as a young girl. It was tedious work, requiring perfect concentration, and Catasina appreciated the demands it placed on her. If she was focused on embroidery, thinking about nothing else, then she could avoid thinking about her irritation with her family.

Needing to escape from their home, she developed a habit of taking long walks through the streets of the town her father governed. She loved being out among the crowds of people, and made acquaintances of a few of the local merchants. These relationships, as shallow as they were, helped her cope with the loneliness she felt now that she no longer had the company of her instructors or a nanny. One of them, a fabric seller, proved to be especially useful when she complimented the embroidery Catasina had added to the bodice of her dress. Seeing an opportunity to control something of her own, Catasina suggested that she could add her embroidery to some of the fabric the merchant sold. She even convinced the merchant to give her most of the profits, and was very proud of her accomplishment.

With money of her own, Catasina began to seriously consider how to escape the boredom of her life, but found that she had very few options. Looking for work like some common person was something she felt was beneath her, even selling her own embroidery would not do. She briefly thought of marrying, if she could find a nobleman who would have her to run his home as woman of her rank did, but was not able to pursue this before learning of a very different possibility for herself that she had hardly known existed.

It was the fabric merchant who shared with Catasina the information that would lead her to a different life. There was an Aes Sedai in town, a woman from the Grey Tower looking for women who could learn to channel. Catasina had vaguely heard of Aes Sedai, mysterious women who commanded a great deal of power.The thought of becoming one of them held far more attraction than binding herself to some man in a marriage, no matter how advantageous, and she quickly left the merchants behind her to search for this Aes Sedai.

Career History

  • Novice (18 August 2019)