Caithlan Damodred

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Caithlan Damodred
Created by Malin
Gender Male
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Spouse Liana en'Damier Damodred Antii
Bondmate(s) Liana en'Damier Damodred Antii
Nationality Mayener
Weapon Skills
  • Polearms ✦✦✦✦✦
  • Sword ✦✦✦✦
  • Unarmed ✦✦
  • Crossbow ✦

Caithlan Damodred (formerly known as Caith Delvin) is a Mayener Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Caithlan is lithely built and short of stature with large, dark-green eyes and long black hair that he keeps braided down his back most of the time. Paired with his pale skin his Cairhienian heritage is obvious. His accent is harder to pin down and carries many undercurrents, suggesting that he has spent much time outside of Cairhien. Curiously (for those who do not know him or his past) his accent takes on a Mayener bent on those occasions when his temper gets the better of him.

As a young man Caithlan was pretty on the point of femininity, but as he has aged his features have taken on a somewhat more prominent masculine features, though he is still a handsome man of delicate features. One might be fooled by his cultured appearance, but he moves with the skill and grace of a Warder, and his hands are deeply calloused from hours of weapons practice.

While he carries no scars that are easily seen, those he has are distinguished and easy to recognize. One scar glancing upward across his ribcage, and one jagged to his side were received when he as a young Drin'far'ji faced aMyrdraal during the Siege of the Citadel. The most prominent ones however are five ones tearing down his back, as if made by a claw. At one point they were black as tar, but time has given them a silver sheen. They are still deep and easily seen.


In his youth Caithlan’s hot temper and brash tongue got him in trouble more often than not. But time and circumstance has chipped away at the character of the hot-headed farm boy. Few who made his acquaintance today would be able to phantom the changes he has undergone.

In many ways his temper runs as hot as ever, but Warder discipline and extended forays into the dangerous game of Daes dae’mar in Cairhien has tempered that brittle iron it into steel: a honed sword expertly concealed beneath silk. While he retains his easy-going and self-deprecating humour from his youth, he has grown quiet and reserved over the years, effectively hiding the strong emotions that lies just under the surface and embracing his noble Cairhienian heritage both physically, and culturally. It is perhaps ironic to note, that a man raised outside of Cairhien in a culture so different from theirs, has grown to be a prime example of Cairhienian character.

As a Warder, a sense of duty is strongly instilled in him, and his instinct to look after his Aes Sedai and their family has only been intensified by the experience of becoming a father. In his free-time (though if you inquire of him, he will snort and merely say, ”I have four children.”) Caithlan enjoys horseback-riding and hunting. He is an expert rider owing to his background, but does not have the time to partake in training horses himself much, though he is well-versed in the art. If you can convince him that his ward and his brood are all accounted for and safe, you might interest him in a pipe of Two Rivers tabac and a glass of apple brandy.


Caithlan was raised on a horse farm in Mayene. He was the youngest of four brothers, though they did not share the same mother. His elder brother’s mother passed away in a boating accident, and a couple of years later his father married a Cairhienian woman.

Caithlan sought out the Tower at the age of fifteen, feeling as if he did not fit in with his family at home and being tired of being bullied by other kids. At the Tower he made a new family of sorts, developing a close relationship with his mentor, Saphire en’Damier Sedai, and her daughter Liana, whom would bond and marry many him years later.

His career at the Grey Tower includes many impressive feats. During his training he was raised to Sa’ji’alantin and stood on the Council of Youth. He rose rapidly through the ranks, attained the office of Gaidin Captain at a very young age, almost as soon as he had donned the fancloak. He was decorated for his services to the Grey Tower for bringing early warning of the Seanchan Siege many years ago, though grievously injured.

For years Caithlan thought that the man who raised him had been his true father, but in his time at the Tower it was revealed in a cruel twist by a Black Aes Sedai that his mother was of noble birth and had fled Cairhien to escape darkfriends, possibly even Caithlan’s own father. Caithlan never learned the name of the Black Aes Sedai who initially revealed this to him, and who had haunted his dreams during his youth (see: ”Dreams of Darkness”), though her bondmate went by the name of Shaidar Hairen. This part of Caithlan’s past is a well-kept secret. As far as Caithlan is aware, only the then-Amyrlin Revelin Sedai, Amora en’Damier Sedai, and his family knows of it.

Later investigation proved these claims to be true and Caith went on to retake his noble birthright and reclaim his noble name: Damodred. He rarely speaks of the time he spent in Cairhien, or what it cost him to pursue such a deadly claim, but one can assume that if he managed to pull off such a feat, he is a dangerous man, with many hidden talents. It is not widely known why (apart from glory, money, fame etc.) he chose to do so, for he delayed swearing himself to Liana en’Damier Sedai until he had succeeded. In truth, he had won his name in the Damodred tree largely to deserve her hand, not through raw ambition. Those with talent at fettering out secrets would be able to learn that the secretary in his employ had been recommended to him by Lord Sigmund von Danzig Gaidin, his mentor, and the now-deceased Warder of Amora en’Damier, the Amyrlin of the Grey Tower of the time.

For the past thirteen years since leaving the Tower, Caithlan has resided with his family, Liana en’Damier, her other husband Lembirt Asha’man, and their four children in different parts of the world: Gehaldan, Cairhien and the en’Damier estates in Whitebridge. But as Tarmon Gaidon approaches the world grows dangerous and uncertain. The very fabric of creation frays as the struggle intensifies and the en’Damier clan returns to the Grey Tower, one of the few safe refuges left. To keep their family safe, and to ensure that the Tower stands strongly united against the Shadow.

Career History

  • Drin
  • Ji'val
  • Sa'ji'alantin
  • Gaidin
  • Gaidin Captain
  • Master of Arms (29 April 2014)