Blue Ajah

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The Blue Ajah
BlueAjahRibbon.png Justice and Righteousness BlueAjahRibbon.png

The Blue Ajah of the Grey Tower is dedicated to causes of justice and righteousness. Others often see the Blues as so ready to save the world that they lose themselves. Blues may fight for many smaller causes throughout their lifetimes, but almost all of them dedicate their lives to one worthy cause.


Blues spend a lot of time out of the Tower. They are called to all different countries to pursue their causes. In their time out of the Tower, they meet many friends and acquaintances - these people make up the eyes-and-ears of the Blue Ajah. The Blue Ajah is one of the smallest and most close-knit Ajahs. They are also known as the most capable Tower administrators and many fill positions of leadership.


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Current Leadership

The current First Selector, Head of the Blue Ajah, is Jondin Morley.

Tower Leadership

Blues that have gone on to have major roles in the Grey Tower's leadership include: