Beron Faim

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Beron Faim
Beron Faim
Bear-on Fay-mm
Created by Lugh
Gender Male
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Bondmate(s) Isla Arkema
Nationality Saldaean
Weapon Skills
  • Sword ✦✦✦
  • Bow ✦✦
  • Dagger ✦✦
  • Unarmed ✦✦
  • Axe ✦✦

Beron Faim is a Saldaean Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Beron stands at 5’10, not tall enough to draw jokes about Aiel, with a good solid build. Broad shoulders and strong arms came from a childhood of labour, and Borderlanders are not prone to excess, which has kept him lean also. Working in the fields along the Banikhan Mountains kept him fit and lean. Unfortunately it also gave him ample time for idle pondering and he is well known for a mischievous streak, being fond of pranks.

He was fortunate enough to live in an area that had relative safety, although as all Borderlanders do he was taught to fight and be alert for danger. Keen eyes and a

Brown eyes and straight black hair frame a face dominated by his hooked nose. As most Saldaeans possess such a nose, he hardly noticed until arriving in the South. Faint scratches and calluses point to his time climbing the cliffs and shelf’s of his Mountain Home and he will often be found in the Gardens playing music.

He has a smile in his eyes, one that many of the women back home; told him would land him in a cook pot one day.

A passing familiarity with the swordforms and training as a child, have given Beron a smooth gait and graceful stride. He dances well, and enjoys moving with his partner. Light on his feet, he has a climbers build with strength and stamina learned from the rigours of climbing stone. He has grown slowly accustomed to the rules at the Grey Tower, but scrapes on his knees and stains from Kitchen chores are often present as well.


Beron was raised on an Ice pepper farm near the Banikhan Mountains. With an older brother and several families on the farm, it was easy for an adventurous child to explore the cliffs and rocks nearby.

Of course in the Borderlands vigilance is paramount, and so as he grew older his keen eyes and ability to traverse rough terrain meant he was often out with the livestock as they were pastured.

With the Blight looming over the nation, Beron was also taught in the rudiments of archery and swordsmanship, his keen eyes and eager heart helping him do well against the other children. He grew no less restless over his childhood, and so it came as no surprise when he signed on with the army as soon as he was able. There he was able to at least travel beyond the confines of the Banikhan Mountains, and meet others from around the borderlands. As the wheel turned, he became more of a scout, once again in the rough terrain as his commander took advantage of his strength and climbing ease.

It was on leave in Maradon that his path would change once more. After patrolling the countryside for many days, Beron and his troop were given leave to enjoy the sights and welcome of Maradon. Beron was thrilled to have the capital to explore, and soon found himself enjoying the company of women and wine. He was sleeping off a rough night when he heard whispers in the stable, and coughing to announce his presence was surprised to find the business end of several feet of steel hovering at his neck.

The Sword was borne by a Gaidin, his Aes Sedai standing behind him, her cool reserve showing no sign of what she was thinking. Grateful he wasn’t in his small clothes, Beron listened as the Aes Sedai explain that she needed his help. None knew the Mountains as well as he did, and she was looking for someone who had decided to hide.

Beron spent the next fortnight guiding the pair through the foothills and into the mountains in search of the woman who had fled. Although they never found her, Beron had grown impressed with the strength and resilience showed by both the Aes Sedai and the Gaidin. And so when they returned he asked for permission to report to the Tower and see if he could prove his mettle as a Gaidin. The possibility of seeing the world, doing some good and aiding women of such strength, seemed to important to pass up. And as a Saldaean, he knew the value of such allies in the constant war.

Grey Tower Life

Beron excelled as a Drin'far'ji, settling into the routine of the Grey Tower with discipline and dedication. His studies would most likely have progressed without a hiccup, except for a chance meeting with Isla Arkema. He met the Accepted one afternoon in the Garden's and through conversation and spending time with her, a friendship bloomed. This friendship inspired Beron to pursue training at the Infirmary, using his woodlore and skills to amass a healer's knowledge of the herbs and plants that could be used to heal. As well with permission from Gareth Bryne, he spent chores in the infirmary working on field medicine.

By the time he had traveled through the Arches, earning the darker grey of a Ji'val, his friendship with Isla had blossomed into stronger feelings. Indeed the two of them shared their feelings, on the very day he had achieved the uniform of a Ji'val. Shortly after that, during a conversation with Ravak Gaidin that went awry, Beron confessed to being in a relationship despite the Grey Tower rules forbidding such. Unwilling to name Isla, he was sent to the farm for several months as a penance. The time at the farm was hard labour, grueling and meant to persuade him to give up the woman he loved. Instead the two of them exchanged letters, the missives helping to motivate him to further training.

After achieving the Fancloak, and rank of Gaidin, Beron was able to accept the bond of Aes Sedai Isla Arkema. The two of them have since been part of the ambushed mission to the White Tower ruins, as well as beginning their own private campaign to rescue a possible channeler from the Whitecloaks who hold her captive.

Finding a village in the Westlands, one that had been left isolated after the fall of the White Tower, Beron and Isla Arkema found her father's regiment occupying the area. They were rounding women up, the Questionners using their fires and pokers to force the women to turn on each other. In a raid, they were able to fight free with many of the women; Beron seriously wounded by a very talented swordsmen who only fell to his blade thanks to the heroic aid of an unexpected ally. Once they returned to the Grey Tower, several promising Novices and a few of the other women chose to sign the rosters of the Grey Tower. Beron has since made it part of his duties to check in on the budding Drin'far'ji.

Career History

  • Drin (9 January 2018)
  • Ji'val (2 May 2018)
  • Gaidin (1 July 2018)