Benar Viathene

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Benar Viathene
Beh-nahr Vie-UH-theen
Created by Bella
Gender Male
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Spouse Selenirra Viathene
Bondmate(s) Selenirra Viathene
Nationality Murandian
Weapon Skills
  • Sword ✦✦✦✦✦
  • Bow ✦✦✦
  • Unarmed ✦✦✦

Benar Viathene was a Murandian Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Tall and broad, Benar makes for an imposing figure. Perhaps too broad for the tastes of some, it has served him well. He is not precisely handsome, yet can be very attractive in some lights and once you've gotten to know him. His hair is brown and kept long, and his eyes are blue.


Benar Viathene never knew his father. His mother was a prostitute and so he knew her very little before he found himself on the street and on his own. Through his earlier years he was a little thief and through his later years he was a good one. He stole a dagger when he was eight and a sword when he was twelve, and he taught himself to use both reasonably well.

Life was not easy and when he was fifteen, he made his way out of Murandy with a merchant caravan. It was along the way that he discovered this place called the Grey Tower. Initially he had heard of it and wondered if it would be a good place to steal from, but when he saw it his entire life changed, although he never knew precisely what it was that did it. He didn't learn of the Warders until later. Something had changed in his mind before that.

Entering the Tower, Benar was tested but found unable to channel and so he entered the Warder Yards. His early learned skills helped in his training, but the mindset of a thief did little for him to learn the best ways to become a Warder. It all had to be beat, rather literally, out of him and into him but it was and it took, and took well. He grew into a quiet and steadfast young man.

Under the harsh tutelage of the Yards, Benar developed into a Gaidin and worthy adversary against the Shadow.

Benar met Selenirra Breyon Aes Sedai roughly a year after attaining his fancloak and for them both, it was love at first sight. In due course, they were bonded and wed. For a woman like her, he grew even more deeply into the role he'd been trained for. Together, they made a good fight against the Shadow, although it took its cost.

The day Benar learned that his wife was pregnant was the brightest and most fearful day of his life. With a life about to be born into the world, the fears of their most persistent and personal enemy drove them out of the tower and into a life of fear and avoidance. His daughter was born as beautiful as her mother and only deepened the need in him to take care of them both, at any cost.

It was a promise he would pay.

His mind has forever emblazoned that night onto it, but he will not speak of it. He fought his hardest and was certain his death was coming, but he had made it safe for his wife and daughter to escape. It was as much as he could do, but it was not the end. He spent the years to come in captivity, but again will never speak of it. The only one to have ever heard of it is Selenirra and she will never betray that trust.

Eventually, his wife and Aes Sedai came to rescue him. He could have killed her himself for placing herself in danger, despite the bone-deep gladness to see her face. She was, unfortunately, captured and they spent another year in captivity (again, he won't speak of it, though he remembers every moment far better than his wife) before escaping.

All of Benar's time at the hands of the Black Ajah was nothing compared to the pit that opened in his heart and soul upon learning that they did not know where their daughter was, or even if she lived. They looked and looked, but to no avail. All they could do was comfort one another. Benar took care of his wife as they continued their life away from the Tower, for fear of those that had pursued and captured them, not knowing if their tendrils still ran through the Tower.

Much to his surprise, and his wife's, she became with child again. The Light blessed them with another daughter, another wonderful and beautiful girl, though her face filled him with an ache to know the fate of his elder daughter... and his wish would be granted nearly seven years later when his little girl was all grown up and actually found them. She had become a woman and a Gaidar at that. Benar was not made of many words, and he never had been, but his pride in that instant could not be encompassed in words even had he tried.

Knowing that their daughter was alive, and well, and living in the Tower brought Benar and his family home again, at long last, to renew their fight together.


Career History

  • Drin
  • Ji'val
  • Gaidin