Ayananye Ir'Cuwzrin

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Ayananye Ir'Cuwzrin
Ayanahnyeh Ir Koezrin
Gender Male
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Shienaran

Ayananye Ir'Cuwzrin is a Shienaran Drin of the Grey Tower.


Aya stands about 6 feet tall. He has almost black hair, and astonishing green eyes. The left side of his face is tattooed with ink the same colour of his eyes. The tribal mark starts in the middle of his forehead and runs down into a point near his chin. His mouth seems to be smiling all the time, but mostly the smile never touches the eyes... He is about 22 years old, well built from the laboring at the farm, and can be a hothead sometimes. If he feels threatened he gets angry and sometimes agressive, and when he gets agressive things get broken.


The woman ran away screaming...The village that she ran away from was being slaughtered. With a loud blast the cityhall collapsed. Fires everywhere, and the screaming and howling of Trollocs filled the cold night skies. In her arms she carried a little bundle. It was all she had left. Her man had tried to protect them from the Myrddraal that had jumped in, and even if he was Shienaran, and good with a sword, she didn't know if he was still alive. Their house had been torched and while she was running away the whole town was being wiped out. She ran and ran and ran, couldn't stop running and couldn't stop crying. If she got out of this alive, she'd go out of Shienar. She couldn't take the life in the Borderlands anymore. Since Malkier fell, too much things had changed. Chased by the screams of raped women and the sound of collapsing buildings she disappeared in the night.

The young man was about to take a break...Today had been a good day up till now. It was noon and the sun stood high in the sky. He took one of the little chairs that stood agains the stable wall, and sat down. Around him, several men were running around, all the man that his mother hired to help him doing the work on the farm. Life hadn't been easy. When he was just a little baby, his mother had fleed from Shienar after their village was attacked by a Fist. It had been a really sneaky attack, he had heard, not the kind of attack trollocs mostly do. They must've been after something. Whatever it was, the village had been completely destroyed, and they never saw his father again too. When his mother arrived here in Andor, near Whitebridge, she tried to get contact with the local farmers. They had found an old woman, whose husband had already longtime died, and this woman had hired his mother till the moment she died. And since the woman didn't have any relatives, she left the farm to Aya's mother. They had lived here ever since and things started to work out now as they both wanted, enough people to sell to, good grounds (they seemed to discover every year that they had more and more ground), not that much problems with the weather...Everything was fine.

While Aya sat with his back against the stable wall, a woman seated on a horse passed by. She was accompanied by a tall man, sitting high in his saddle. The man looked dangerous...And the woman...she looked odd. No matter how hard he looked, he couldn't possibly guess how old she was. While passing, she looked down, and saw him sitting there. She stopped her horse in front of him.

"Boy, could you come over here for a second?" It SOUNDED like a question, but he had no doubt that was an order. He stood up and walked to the horse. "Look at this guy! It would be so sad to waste it," she said to the man. He nodded. "Yeah he looks strong..."

"What's your name?" The woman asked. Aya uttered "Ayananye m'am, but most people call me Aya." She laughed. "Alrighty farmersboy, listen to this. It would be sad if you waste your whole life here on a farm doing nothing. You look strong in power and in will to me, so it would be really sad. There's a place not that far from here called the Gray Tower. I suppose you heard from it already. EVEN if you are a farmer, you must've heard from it. Why don't you go there huh? You can be a Warder, boy, a Gaidin. Much better to use your strenght for a good cause than keeping it locked up in that body of yours till you die on this farm. Aye?" She didn't wait for an answer, but dug her heels in the sides of her horse and gone she was. The man followed after nodding goodbye. Aya sat down again... The words of the woman haunted through his head. A Warder...a Warder in the White Tower!!! He smelled adventure...When he stood up again, he had decided what to do.

"Mother...I have to tell you something." He walked in and closed the door behind him. His mom looked up from the book she was reading and asked him what was wrong. "Nothing, mom, nothing...A woman passed me just an hour ago. She told me some things and...I've been considering things..." She looked at him and kept looking. Deep lines of all the sorrow in her life were visible on her face, but also lines of lots of smiling. "She told me I could be a Warder, mother. She told me it would be sad if I wasted my whole life working on this farm...And maybe she was right...Maybe I want to go there and make something of my life. I'm sorry if I'm making you sad now, but I've came to tell you that I'm going..." The expression of acception came on his mothers face. "I knew this day was about to come, my boy...You are just the same as your father was...IS," she corrected herself. She never stopped believing that he was still alive. "You're old enough to decide what to do with your life, son." A tear rolled down her cheek. He went to her and hugged her..."Mom, sooner or later I'll be back to see how you're doing okay?" She nodded, unable to speak.

The door closed behind him. He was ready to step into his new life. He was going to the Grey Tower

Career History

  • Drin