Audrey Fairbird

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Audrey Fairbird
AHHH*udrey FAIR*bird
Created by Joe Broderick
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Amayar

Audrey Fairbird is an Amayar Novice of the Grey Tower.


Audrey Fairbird is an Amayar who left their island to become a Sea Folk Windfinder. SHe stands 5'6" with greying auburn hair and heavily tanned but fair skin. Her nose and ears bear the scars of a past of many earrings however, she only wears a very simple gold chain that runs from her nose to her left ear with two ornaments on it. She is well muscled and lithe with smaller than average breasts and a tight rear. She stands erect always, appearing haughty and almost always bears a half-lidded stare and a grimace of distaste. In her eyes is a perpetual challenge. Her demeanor is detached with an cruel sense of humor. She speaks with a bored drawl if she says anything at all, usually opting to remain silent and let her skills speak for her.


Audrey was born to the Amayar to a pair of master craftsfolk. However, unlike most of the other Amayar children, Audrey dreamed of the sea. Her parents did their best to try to create a happy life for her working in a porcelain shop on their island but it was never quite enough. She would often sneak away to the harbor to speak with the Atha'An'Miere. She made friends with a wavemistress who frequently visited and it was discovered that she had the talent to see the flows of the weather. Not just a little, this girl was talented! She was invited to join the crew of the ship as a deckhand. She accepted and abandoned her birth life.

Audrey's talent quickly made her stand out among the windfinders, rising quickly through the ranks to become the Windfinder to the Mistress of Ships before Zaida. She maintained this position for many years however there was always a burr in her soul that while she enjoyed being on the top of her game, she always felt that her position was forced upon her due to her talent and her desire to rebel against her parents wishes, not her own choices. Also, there was a part of her that desired a family that she had never acknowledged until it was biologically too late. As a result, she became bitter over time, desiring subconsciously, a more simple life. Eventually her attitude became an impediment to the Mistress of Ships and she was stripped of her rank and salt and sent to serve as Windfinder of a small vessel.

She became sullen and resentful in her new position. She withdrew from the others and became very much a hermit on the ship, fufilling all her duties exactly but not using her full potential. The Sailmistress would have cast her out except that in an encounter with the Seanchan, Audrey proved her worth through besting the damane while keeping the ship moving fast enough to escape. It nearly wiped out her entire energy and talent but she did it.

She lived on that ship for many years, the Sailmistress calling her her 'secret weapon'. Audrey tried to tell herself that she was happy in this new life but the truth was, she was not. Contrary to what she'd thought, the simpler life left her lacking fufillment.

Career History

  • Novice