Atreus Claudam

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Atreus Claudam
Created by Sigmund von Danzig (player)
Gender Male
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Domani

Atreus Claudam is a Domani Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


My name is Atreus Claudam. I come here from Arad Doman, which has to be the most flaming corrupt place I have ever seen. I'm a farmer's son, and once I turned 14, bloody women have been trying to use me for their Light-forsaken ends nonstop. It's true what they say, flaming Domani women learn to use men while they learn to flaming walk! Blood and bloody ashes, working on a farm is hard enough without those Light-blinded women batting their bloody eyelashes at me, getting me to move a flaming chair because they don't want to lift a bloody finger except to point where they want some poor man to do their flaming work for them!

I put up with that for another three Light-forsaken years before one finally shoved me into big enough trouble that I woke up. Selene Tavolin was the cursed woman's name. Bloody noblewoman in Arad Doman. Being the Light-blinded fool I was, I fell in love with the goat-kissing woman, even though she was a flaming noble and I a mere farmer. I could never think around the bloody woman. No man could, not with her batting her flaming eyelashes every other bloody minute, pouty lips hinting at kisses they never give. Light, every time something didn't go her way, that daughter of a Shadowspawn would just say "What's the matter Atreus, don't you love me?" while running her flaming fingers across my leg. No matter how many times she bloody asked me if I loved her, not once did she flaming tell me she loved me. I knew that we'd never flaming marry, she said it herself, "My father can never learn of this, Atreus. A noble cannot be seen with a commoner in public. The shame would ruin our House." Still, I put up with the bloody woman because she was good at her trade. Manipulation.

Finally, one night in a bar, the flaming "Maiden's Kiss", if I bloody remember right, the guy sitting next to me turned to me and said that flaming Selene was "just a decent-looking daughter of a flaming minor House that wouldn't amount to anything, especially if she keeps talking to farmers instead of helping her House." Burn me, Selene had me so under her thumb that I said, "Bloody drunkard! I'll drum some flaming respect into you!" I thought I was so flaming smart, thinking that it'll earn bloody honor for myself and then her flaming parents would bloody respect me enough to marry their goat-kissing daughter. I'd never seriously fought before in my flaming life! Well, when I shouted that bloody challenge, everyone looked up. Someone in the crowd gave me a flaming quarterstaff to fight the guy with. Good thing they did too, because I flaming didn't see the sword hanging from the bloody man's belt. I bloody didn't even have my own weapon!

Burn me, I was a complete Light-blinded fool to fight him. I'm not a small guy, about 5'11" and medium build, but the flaming other guy was thin and had long bloody arms, long reach. He looked like a bloody foreigner, light hair, not dark brown like me and most Domani. The flaming guy had a sword that he obviously knew how to bloody use; I had a quarterstaff, not even my own. Blood and bloody ashes, I'm glad no one handed me a sword, I probably would've cut my own Light-cursed head off. I swung my quarterstaff at the flaming guy, and he swung at it with the sword, trying to slice the bloody thing in two! I must've had the Dark One's own luck, because he was so sure of himself that he completely forgot about the other end of the flaming staff. His sword only stuck in the staff for a second, but long enough for me to flaming whack the Light-forsaken guy upside the head. He went out like a candle in a hurricane, musta smashed his temple in. Light, but the flaming Civil Watch ran up as I was gawking at the bloody corpse like the Light-forsaken fool I was.

Well, they hauled me before the bloody Magistrate, who was awfully flaming lenient on me. Said that since the war for the bloody Almoth Plain was going so bad, instead of throwing me in flaming jail, he was sentencing me to three bloody years in the flaming army, and bloody hoping I only killed people on the other side. They bloody sent me in for three months training first, gave me a flaming military flail, said that I should be good with it, being a bloody farmer and all. I found out soon enough that a bloody military flail is a lot different than a farmer's flail, but I learned quicker than most. Within a year, they had me using that bloody one-hander like I knew how to use the flaming thing.

One Light-cursed day before we left the bloody town, I was sitting in a bar with the guys, when some bloody fool announced that for the next hour, everyone's bloody drinks were on him, because tomorrow he was to duel for a lady's honor, and either gain respect and marry her, or die. The bloody man said, "Tomorrow, I hope to earn the favor of Lady Tavolin herself!" I was only half-listening at first, but when the Light-blinded fool said that, I perked up. Dueling to earn the bloody favor of Lady Tavolin? Selene Tavolin? That's what got me into this bloody, Light-forsaken mess! Could it be? Blood and bloody ashes, was the whole flaming duel rigged to get me killed? That Trolloc-faced, goat kissing, scheming, WOMAN! I almost died for her, and she wanted me to? I walked over to the bloody fool to try to talk some sense into him, Light knows I wish someone had flaming beaten some sense into me.

I said to the Light-blinded fool, "Hey, buddy, don't fight the bloody man, he'll flaming eat you alive." He said, "Listen pal, I don't know who you are, or what you want, but I'm going to win this fight, and then Lady Tavolin will be able to marry me!" "Look, I said that same bloody thing to myself four flaming months ago. Some guy insulted Lady Tavolin, and I, acting like a complete fool, dueled him. Just bloody like you're going to. I killed the flaming guy and got sentenced to three years in the bloody army." By the Light, what will it take to make this bloody fool listen! "Now you listen to me, I don't think you've ever had Lady Tavolin's affections with that mouth. You've probably been hired by the guy I'm going to duel so that I back down. Ha! He would be so scared of me!" When the Light-forsaken man said that, I knew that he would bloody never listen to sense. Sure enough, the next flaming day, I heard he was dead, bloody fool got cut down in the first blow.

Don't listen to what most flaming people say, soldier life is bloody dull most of the time. Anyone who says different is either bloody lying, or a Light-blinded idiot who doesn't know what the Light he's talking about. Mostly just marching from place to bloody place. Three years of flaming marching all around the Light-forsaken Almoth Plain. Not that we didn't fight, too. We fought bloody plenty for any flaming person, killing hundreds of men over a bloody bit of land, then getting pushed back the next flaming week, then trying to re-take the flaming thing. We never could hold on to the bloody territory we fought for. Not much bloody interesting happened, though. Except for one night, in the beginning of my third year.

We were in the Light-forsaken town of Katar, just off the flaming Domani border. They rotated the flaming company back to friendly territory whenever they decided we needed a bloody break. Officially, though, we were flaming there to "keep the peace." We were just headed to the bloody Wise Woman to get our Light-forsaken wounded looked at, and we saw a flaming mob outside armed with pitchforks, knives and what have you. Someone had scratched the bloody Dragon's Fang on her door. My commander, Lord Sikandur, shouted out "What is bloody going on here?" "My lord, the Wise Woman here, she's an Aes Sedai witch!" someone shouted from the crowd. The rest of the flaming mob shouted their agreement. Well, the bloody Dragon's Fang didn't last long on the door, because some Light-forsaken fools smashed the door in with a hammer. Five people or so rushed in, grabbed the flaming woman, and pulled her onto the bloody porch so the whole flaming mob could see her. "Please," she shouted into the night, "I'm not an Aes Sedai, you know that. I'm just your Wise Woman, I've healed you and your children for years, please . . ." the flaming woman's plea was swallowed in her sobs.

As the Light-forsaken crowd yelled their accusations at the flaming woman, I started towards her. I know that bloody women were what got me into this flaming mess, and no man can trust a word that the toad-kissing wenches say, but still, no one deserved this. I took just one flaming step towards her to help when Lord Sikandur clapped his hand on my bloody shoulder and pulled me back into rank. "Don't get involved, Claudam" he said. "We're here to keep them from rebelling, and if you go to protect that woman, they'll rebel. Besides, that mob'll kill you too, and that won't help her." The bloody man was right, I'd just be dead alongside her. I guess the flaming mob got tired of waiting, because they pulled her off the bloody porch, and into the crowd. In the torchlight, I saw pitchforks, hammers, knives, and the Creator knows what else rise up, and fall. Even back away from the Light-blinded mob, I could clearly see the shine of blood on their flaming weapons as they fell, over and over.

That flaming woman was helpless against those Light-forsaken men. Completely bloody helpless. For all her vaunted bloody Aes Sedai powers, she was overcome by a flaming bunch of piss-drunk farmers. By the Light, I could've helped the flaming woman. As I watched the bloody mob lynch her, I swore that I'd become a bloody Warder, to protect flaming weak Aes Sedai like the one I couldn't. Just because I'm going to protect those bloody women, though, doesn't mean I can ever trust a flaming one. Light, it's going to be hard being around all those women, bloody trained in using people from day one, but just the same, they flaming need a man to keep them safe. I owe it to that bloody woman from Katar. I couldn't flaming help her, but I can help keep that from bloody happening again.

Career History

  • Drin
  • Ji'val
  • Gaidin
  • Master of Training