Artur Baeyn

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Artur Baeyn
Created by Felix
Gender Male
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Andoran
Weapon Skills
  • Throwing Dagger ✦

Artur Baeyn is an Andoran Drin of the Grey Tower.


A young man of Andor descent he has brown hair that is short enough to stay manageable. He has a short beard of scruff growing in line with his more beastle nature.He is shorter than most men aside from Cairhienin. His face is soft but slightly worn from exposure to the elements.

He is not one to pick a fight with another if there is a way out of the fight. He will defend those he deems as part of his pack though. Artur has an inquisitive nature to himself that is hard to quench. He studies places and people before approaching and is slow to action unless there is a dire need for action in the moment. He would rather learn of the entire subject or situation before putting in his opinions or actions.

He does not talk often due to his time spent alone, never really fitting in with others. He will speak when he deems it important and when he feels strongly on a subject.

He enjoys being outside and is uncomfortable inside of buildings and around many people. He loves hunting and having close friends. He is more open and talks more around others that he knows well. When first meeting people he tends to hide his emotions but after time will open up and be more friendly and jovial.

Artur enjoys hiding and stalking prey when he hunts. He practices this skill when he is really bored by following people to see if they notice him in the shadows.


Light shined on the great walls surrounding the city of Hama Valon. It was still early in the morning with clear skies for as far as one could see. A young man of approximately twenty years walked along the bank of Lake Somal. He is not a tall man or a short man. He had blue colored eyes, short brown hair and a look of deep thought across his face.

The young man sat to rest when he got to the point of seeing the great city clearly. He sat in contemplation of the events that had led to this moment. There was so much to think on before he took the final steps to join the Grey Tower if they would have him. Artur thought back on his past as he rested.

He recalled he was from a small village in Andor, his family died when he was young from a wasting sickness and no other family came forth to raise him so he was sent to live at a house for young abandoned children. He never fit in with the other children, there was always something off and different about him. He hated rushing like the other children did, they always jumped from one thing to another and they never put thought into their actions. He liked to think before he acted it was a slow way of life but it fit him.

He learned many things while he was part of the orphanage. He learned how to sew and repair his clothing. He learned how to care for himself, for his daily and life needs. He even learned how to live off of the land from one of the hunter men named Mer that came through every month or so. Mer was an odd man that liked to travel often and never called one place home. He was Andoran with brown hair, blue eyes, and a scar across his cheek. Mer could have passed for Arthur's father. He hunted for meat and furs to sell to villages and never stayed long in one place.There were always whispers that Mer was a distant relative of Artur, no one knew if there was truth to the claims but he always watched out for Arthur when he visited the orphanage.

Mer would take Artur with him on journeys for months at a time. He would take Artur out to the woods and let him help set traps for the rabbits and to gather the deer that he killed for food.The man taught him how to make a campfire and how to avoid notice when stalking a prey. He taught him how to survive in the bitter nights of winter in caves and how to sleep in trees when stalking prey. These skills fit his demeanor well, his patience allowed him to stalk prey for hours and even days before striking. Mer tried to teach Artur the bow but he never caught on. Artur usually missed with a bow but Mer always hit and got the kill so that the hunt was not wasted. Artur hated the bow and preferred the dagger that Mer gave him as a gift for his 15th nameday.

He lived at the orphanage for many years until he was roughly seventeen years of age and then he ran away. He ran from the others that picked on him for being slow and from the stares of the people that thought he was a waste of space. He ran and ran hoping to find a way to be stronger and protect himself. He ran with the hope that he would find Mer and hopefully be a family, a childish notion.

He lived on his own for a few years, he always traveled and slept out in the forests most of the time when he was not working on this farm or that one for food.He used his skills that Mer had diligently taught him over his years of mentorship. These skills he put to good use to catch food and keep himself warm on cold nights.

Arthur's travels took him many places in Andor and he frequently was in the wilderness away from others. He envied the people that could cohabitate with many others and get along well. He envied the people but still prefered the woods and nature to the hustle and bustle of village life.

Time had gotten away from Artur and he had to continue his journey. The sun was high in the air when Artur got up from his long rest and he continued his trek to the great city Hama Valon. After much thought on his past he was even more determined to find this Grey Tower and to grow strong enough to defend himself and the ones he would grow to care for. He needed help and the Tower was the best bet for survival.

Career History

  • Drin (14 May 2016)