Anaris Kane

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Anaris Kane
Anaris Kane
AH-nahr-ihs Kay-n
Created by Bella
Portrayed by Timothy Omundson
Gender Male
Occupation Asha'man of the Green Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Saldaean

Anaris Kane is a Saldaean Green Asha'man of the Grey Tower.


In height, Anaris Kane is just at the upper end of average, with a moderate build. He is neither overweight nor is he slender, but somewhere in that middling range that is hard for anyone who has seen him to properly describe. His hair is a mix of black and grey, leaning towards the black, which shows his age in an otherwise hard-to-determine face after decades of channeling. He keeps it at a moderate length, generally to his ears with a slight curl, and his face sports a full salt-and-pepper beard.

Generally speaking, Anaris tends to strike those who see him as...general. He is good-looking, although not especially striking, except for piercing blue eyes and a deep, rich voice. Were he to not speak or look your way for long, you would not mark him much at all.

In personality, he is much the same as in looks. He is a moderate man, reasonably intelligent and with an even temper. He was raised in the time of the taint upon Saidin, but was cleansed of it along with his brethren. However, he remembers that time of madness, of the war within, and keeps himself level and in control. He is not without humor or any joviality, of course, but he moderates himself in all things.


Anaris Kane was born the fourth son, and the fifth child of an eventual eight, to a pair of mediocre merchants in the land of Saldaea. This was an event that took place so long ago, even he really doesn't care to try to remember. One of so many, he was often overlooked since he was neither the loudest nor the most special. He was a decent student, a somewhat hard worker, and reasonably well behaved.

Something changed when he became a young adult, however. It would make him 'exceptional' in all the ways he did not want to be.

He channeled.

As with so many, it was learned quite by accident and to slightly disastrous effect. The upside being it wasn't fatal, while the reality and downside were his oldest sister's face was permanently maimed. Given her vanity, he would later decide this was just punishment, but it was never anything he voiced aloud or could even think much about at the time. He was too focused on running as fast and as far as he could, because he knew what happened to men who channeled.

Eventually, he ended up at a place called the Grey Tower that promised to train him, rather than gentle or kill him.

At the Tower, he...proved to be just as moderate as he had been his whole life. He was not a bad student, but he wasn't the best or the brightest either. He was reasonably strong in the One Power, but he didn't break apart any mountains either. He did "well enough" and moved through the ranks until reaching the cord.

It was after becoming Asha'man of the Green Ajah that Saidin was cleansed, and the world looked...different.

It was several years later that he vanished from the Tower. Well, not "vanished" precisely, for he did leave word with the head of his Ajah about where he was going: he was going back to the Borderlands, to try to make a difference, to make something of himself. He knew that it would not be easy, his kind would never be trusted, but he felt it was something he had to do.

Now, decades later, he has decided to quit his nomadic ways in the lands of the Blight and its bordering nations, and he returns home to a place the little resembles where he once lived.

Career History

  • Soldier
  • Dedicated
  • Asha'man of the Green Ajah