Amayani do Ciresh a'Sorene

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Amayani do Ciresh a'Sorene
Amayani do Ciresh a'Sorene
ah-may-YAA-ni do kir-ESH ah-SOR-een
Created by Marit
Gender Female
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Murandian
Weapon Skills
  • Bow ✦✦✦✦✦
  • Sword ✦✦✦
  • Unarmed ✦✦
  • Axe ✦

Amayani do Ciresh a'Sorene is a Murandian Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Amayani is a girl who doesn't stand too much out in a crowd. She's of medium height, about 5'7", and got a slim body figure. Her hair is chestnut brown, and shines like copper in the sun. Her eyes are blue, or green-tinted blue, depending on the light.

Amayani is a very friendly girl, once one gets to know her, and doesn't try to prove her wrong when she's right. She can be very stubborn sometimes, and when she puts her mind on something, she doesn't let it go easily. She is also very shy when it comes to people she doesn't know, and struggles finding the right words to say. Not wanting to sound stupid or wrong about things, she'd rather not say anything. But if it's something she really knows she's right about, or know how to fix, she speaks her mind.

Amayani can often be found pondering about this and that, and her facial expression often reflects what she's thinking about. She tends to get emotional, often over small things, and she sometimes hates herself for that. When she gets nervous, and sometimes when she's bored, she tucks her hair behind her ears and fiddles with it. She also has the bad habit of cracking the joints of her fingers, which makes a sound many dislike.


Amayani was the youngest of the three children of Lord Kamil do Ciresh a'Sorene and his wife, Lady Telleisa. She was ten and two years younger then her brothers. Her parents quarreled with another noble family, the a'Melrakki, over a small portion of the city in the eastern part of Lugard, and were fighting a losing battle. Her father's influence in the city was slowly decreasing, but this wasn't anything Amayani knew about. She had a quiet and loving life, playing around with the youngest of her brothers, Matherion, and pestering her oldest brother, Leyon, with all kinds of questions. They were taught to read and write, and the basics of calculation, which her father insisted they should learn well so they wouldn't get cheated by merchants. Leyon was usually the one who taught the young ones, when he wasn't too busy helping his father with political business.

When Amayani was eleven, Leyon joined a band of merchants and left Lugard to see the world, as he said. Matherion, or Mat as he insisted on being called, wasn't as interested as his brother in the ways of trade nor politics, and was more often hanging out in the city with a small gang of other boys his age. And Amayani was taught the life of a noblewoman by her mother. She would smile and pretend to listen, but in her mind she wanted to run out and play with the boys. So every time she could sneak away, she hurried after her brother Mat. But the boys weren't that interested in having a little girl tagging along, and to be part of their little gang, she had to steal something from one of the foreign merchants. She headed down to the marketplace, and stopped at a smith who also crafted jewelry. Pretending to browse his goods, she waited until he was occupied with another customer, and slipped a small ring into her hand. The, nodding a quick farewell to the smith, she walked away, slowly at first, then hurrying as she came out of sight.

As she approached the boys again, showing her "trophy", she couldn't believe how easy it had been. They were a bit surprised, and as she saw coins change hands, she knew they'd been betting on whether she dared or not. Or maybe whether she'd get caught or not. Either way, from that day she was one of them. She adopted the name Yani, a shorter version and much more of a street name then her full name. And together with Mat and the boys she had tons of fun, as long as her mother didn't hold her back and drag her to some dull parties or dinners. And it wasn't the only time she stole from the merchants. But she kept her theft to only affect the foreigners, and stayed clear of the local merchants.

Amayani learned a lot over the next years. She developed an active and fit body, she was agile and quick on the moves and reflexes, but her balance wasn't the best. It happened quite often that she tripped while sparring with one of the boys. Through the sparring she learned how to fight with the quarterstaff and the dagger, and she enjoyed both. On her twelfth birthday she got her own horse, a bay mare with a strip, which at the time was a bit too big for her. She wasn't allowed to ride it alone, and one of her father's stablemen taught her to ride. She loved the horse, and wanted to help out with taking care of her, but to that her parents denied. Stable work was not something for a noble girl, they said. She didn't dare to sneak down there often, as she knew at least one of the stable boys would rat on her. Instead she spent more time out in the city, with the boys.

Most of the boys she hung out with came from simple families, and during the time she spent with them, she liked their way of life, and respected them for the work they had to do. She actually envied them. She herself could get anything she wanted by just asking her mother nicely, but they had to work for everything they had. She envied them for that, and disliked herself and her family for being above them. So one day, when she was fourteen, she confronted her parents with this, and told them she wanted to work. Her mother was shocked, and stared in disbelief first, and then started telling her how noble women weren't supposed to work. Her father, being a bit more cool-headed, reassured his wife, and started suggesting some work that wouldn't look bad for the family, and that would be proper for a girl of her status. But Amayani just shook her head. She had made up her mind, and she had already talked to the innkeeper at the inn closest to the eastern gate, and he had agreed to hire her as a waitress. She stood there, stubborn as she'd ever been, and in the end her parents couldn't do anything but let her go through with it.

Over the next three years she worked at the inn almost every evening. She came to meet all kinds of different persons, from the local farmers who came in for a drink, to the more high-standing merchants travelling by. And occasionally they were blessed with the visit of Aes Sedai and their Warders. Amayani admired the Warders, and started dreaming about going away to become one herself. She had heard rumors of female Warders, even if the histories only spoke of Warders as the men who protected the Aes Sedai. But then again, history was the past.

Amayani brought this idea up before her parents, and to her surprise, they didn't oppose it completely. That is, they were against her idea of becoming a Warder, as it was no occupation suited for a noble girl. But they seemed to think it was a good idea for her to travel to the Tower. Maybe she could be taught how to channel, and become an Aes Sedai. And in any case, she could learn some proper manners and behaviours.

But all of this was only talk, and life continued as it used to, until one evening that Amayani was working, an Aes Sedai came to the inn again. This Aes Sedai introduced herself as Saphire Sedai, and was not the typically serene Aes Sedai. After talking with her for part of the evening, Amayani ended up asking to join her on the journey back to the Grey Tower, intended on making something of her dream of becoming a Warder. That evening she had a long talk with her parents, and the next morning she was on her way to the Grey Tower.

Career History

  • Drin (30 July 2008)
  • Ji'val (10 March 2010)
  • Gaidin (2 May 2014)
  • Gaidin Captain (3 May 2014)
  • Mistress of Arms (4 September 2014)
  • Gaidin Captain (14 January 2016)