Amadie Laine

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Amadie Laine
Amadie Laine
Am-mah-dee LAyn
Created by Sunny
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Domani
OP Strength 6.0
Affinities Air, Water, Spirit, Fire, Earth

Amadie Laine was a Domani Blue Oathsworn Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


As her father is half Saldaean, Amadie is paler than most Domani, her dark brown eyes are ever so slightly almond-shaped, and her brown hair has a persistent curl that no amount of work will straighten. She is of average height, and has the lean body of someone who is possessed of great physical energy and works to maintain her figure. She is quick to smile, flirts easily, and has a quick tongue that occasionally gets carried away and gets her in trouble.

Despite her propensity to be an outrageous flirt, Amadie learned all the tricks of the merchant trade at her mother's knee. She is fascinated by facts, figures, statistics, and negotiation, and will pursue a new area of interest until she has learned all she can about it. She finds great pleasure in good bargains, secret intrigues, and the sundry political riptides that her family encountered as highly respected members of the merchant class in Arad Doman and beyond.

Like any well bred Domani woman, she has received extensive training in the art of seduction, and doesn't hesitate to use it, though she has a peculiar sense of honor that prevents her from outright lying in order to gain someone's affections. She prefers to wear Domani fashion, the more striking the better, because it gives her an undeniable edge when dealing with people from other nations.


Desdre Laine had no use for a husband. Even when she came away from one dalliance with a babe in her belly, she simply shrugged her shoulder and moved on. Having an illegitimate child certainly didn't impair her ability to press a hard bargain, and so she and baby Amadie prospered. As the child grew, Desdre endeavored to teach her all she knew, and what she did not know, she made sure the child learned from others. Thus Amadie grew up with an intense curiosity about everything, and the ability to find out what she needed to know for herself.

She was happy, if a little wild. She did not miss the father she had never known, and when -at the age of ten- she finally met him, she simply clouted him on the shoulder before running off to play. Staring after her in bemused silence, Tragan could only conclude that it was safe to set aside the guilt he had carried for a decade and more for putting Desdre in such a 'predicament'. He returned to Saldaea, and over time, he and Amadie developed a sturdy -if somewhat distant- relationship via pen and paper.

Meanwhile the young woman grew like a weed, reveling in her social life, her education, and her wit. As she moved through her adolescence, she discovered men; when Desdre found her in a hayloft with a local lad, her mother dragged her out by one ear and gave her a blistering lecture she never forgot. Then they settled down to learn the business of being Domani- because, as Amadie learned, being a woman in Arad Doman seemed to require significantly more care than it would in any other nation.

By the time she was eighteen, Amadie had grown into herself, and more than earned her claim to adulthood. Rather than attempt to rival Desdre's business, she chose to take leadership of the trade route to Tar Valon, intending on building on their contacts and supply there. She continued in this fashion for two years- until the trouble with the Shadow began.

With roads no longer safe, food staples scarce, and talk of the Dragon Reborn and strange people from across the sea popping up, Amadie had to take greater risks to make a profit. She frequently could not make it back to Arad Doman due to rumors of war. On one such occasion, she decided to take her caravan from Tar Valon to Hama Valon. No one else quite dared create a direct trade route between the two cities, and Amadie thought it an excellent opportunity for business. It was a long journey, but the sight of the Grey Tower rising over the walls in an all too rare golden sunset made it more than worth it. She settled at an inn called the Band of Brothers, and began to ply her trade. She carried a variety of cloth, ice peppers, and good steel, and soon a plethora of interested parties came calling.

The last person to linger was a blond haired woman in soft brown. She had introduced herself as Delan, and took her time looking through a variety of brocade, silk, and wool while Amadie performed several transactions with other merchants. Delan seemed normal enough, and yet something seemed odd to Amadie. Despite the fact that the stranger didn't say a word, Amadie felt as hard-pressed as if she had just completed a bargain with the Atha'an Miere. When the last merchant left, she stood and ostentatiously stretched, a silent signal that it was time for the woman to make her choices and leave.

"Are you aware that you can learn to channel?" Delan asked suddenly.

"I'm afraid you must be mistaken, Mistress," Amadie said calmly, though she had the sudden sinking feeling that "Delan" was actually a young Aes Sedai. "An Aes Sedai tested me some time ago and said I could not." Truth...though the Aes Sedai who had done it had acknowledged that eleven was rather young for testing.

"Then the half-wit child who tested you didn't know what she was doing," the woman said in a cross tone. "I was told there was a woman down here with uncommon luck. I came thinking you might be a wilder, and instead find that you are not. Instead, you are both extraordinarily good at trade negotiations and you can learn to channel. With true disaster and the dissolution of the world as we know it looming, we need your abilities, girl!"

"What's in it for me?" Amadie asked without preamble, leaning back and folding her arms across her chest. "I know enough about the Power to know that without the spark I am no danger to anyone, so...tell me Aes Sedai, why should I abandon a good life for you?"

She was surprised when the woman took her question seriously, allowing several long moments of silence to pass before responding. When she did, she clearly chose her words carefully. "There is more to life than the click of coins and sitting on a wagon seat," she said. "I see in you a thirst that even a good trade will not quench. Learning to channel would allow you to explore the limits of your skills and ambition- to have a bigger hand in the fate of the world than you ever imagined possible."

Amadie considered this with the same attention that she considered any unexpected revelation. "Once I go, I cannot change my mind," she commented.

"No," the Aes Sedai admitted.

"I will be stuck in your Tower -I'm assuming it's the grey one out there- for decades while I train."

"Perhaps not decades," Delan said calmly. "Training takes as long as it takes, and you don't seem the sort to dally."

"If I fail, I will have nothing to go back to."

"I cannot help you with that, save to say that I do not believe you will fail."

Amadie thought, chewing on a lock of her hair absentmindedly, while the innkeeper set out lamps, his staff prepared for the evening meal, and the Aes Sedai stood in patient silence. What the woman said was true. The thrill of a new horizon had begun to pale in recent months, and the desire to do something to help those who suffered had begun to tug at her.

"If you believe I can learn to channel," Delan rolled her eyes in exasperation, "then I would like to learn- please."

"Delan is the name I am known by outside of Hama Valon," the Aes Sedai said, not a trace of triumph in her tone. "My true name is Kendra Tagore, Aes Sedai of the Indigo Ajah. Get some rest tonight. When you wake, go to the Tower and ask for the Mistress of Novices. Tell her I sent you. Good night, Amadie Laine."

The Aes Sedai walked out, leaving Amadie alone with her particularly confusing thoughts.

Career History

  • Novice
  • Accepted (3 May 2014)
  • Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah (21 May 2014)