Alienor Corvall

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Alienor Corvall
Ay-lee-nor core-vall
Created by Alix
Gender Female
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Andoran

Alienor Corvall is an Andoran Drin of the Grey Tower.


Alienor- sometimes called Alie for short, though she hates when people shorten her name without asking- is a pretty girl, though she does her best to hide this fact. At her full height, she is a little over 5'6. This is tall, but surprisingly, not tall enough for her- she wishes she had a few more inches. She has clear blue eyes, light brown hair that's streaked with blonde if you look close enough and that she usually keeps pulled back out of her way, and a small frame. While she doesn't have much in the way of muscle, she is accustomed to physical activity and so is sturdy despite her light frame.

Personality Description:

While around friends, Alie is normally outgoing and good-natured, but she most definitely has a harsher side to her personality. She has no problem telling people if she doesn't like them, and refusing to associate with anyone she doesn't care for. She also has a long memory: once someone makes her angry, it's nearly impossible for them to work their way back into her good graces. Alie also tends to be wary around new people until she gets to know them better, which can sometimes give off the impression that she is aloof or standoffish. As a result, she can sometimes be difficult to get close too.

Despite all of this, however, Alienor is not an unpleasant person, and has a ready sense of humor and loves to have fun and enjoy herself. She is also intensely competitive and not afraid of a challenge. But though she is independent, she is also loyal to her friends.


The Warder Yards of the Grey Tower were the last place anyone who knew Alienor Corvall would have expected her to end up. Mostly because she had never handled any weapon more dangerous than a knife.

Alienor Corvall had been born in Caemlyn nineteen years earlier, to a mother who was the youngest daughter of a minor noble house and a father who was a trained healer. Her father was never entirely accepted by his wife's family, for having the gall to be in "trade", for being the son of an actress and a horse trader, and finally, for being half Cairhienien.

Alie's paternal grandmother-who was her granddaughter's namesake- had been a popular theatre actress in her day, known equally for her acting, her scandalous love affairs, and for her fiery personality. Having left her home in southern Cairhien at age sixteen to join the theatre, she would play a pivotal role in forming her granddaughter's character.

Alie was her parents only child, and after they died of a fever when she was two, she was packed off to live with her paternal grandparents on their country estate (really, a horse farm) outside of Caemlyn. This was not the depressing fate it might sound like, since her grandparents were thrilled to have her and took excellent care of her.

Alienor spent her first nineteen years quite happily on her grandparents' farm, acquiring several important things: a love of horses, a flair for the theatrical, thanks to her grandmother, and a desire to explore and see the world, again thanks to her grandmother.

Alie's life would have likely proceeded quite normally except for a fateful meeting during the spring of her nineteenth year. One evening, her grandmother invited a friend of hers from her theatre days to dinner, and it turned out the friend in question had a daughter someplace called the Grey Tower. Alienor knew vaguely what it was: someplace similar to the White Tower, where channelers were trained, except they trained both men and women.

"Your daughter can channel?" Alienor had asked the other woman- Alina- curiously. She knew what Aes Sedai were, of course, most people in Andor did- ,but she'd never thought much about them. Alina shook her head."No, of course not. She's in the Warder Yards, learning how to fight and protect channelers and all that. They let girls do that at the Grey Tower!"

This news astounded Alienor. She'd never heard of such a thing. Her grandmother was fully capable of protecting herself, and had made certain Alie was too, but that had never gone much further than knowing how to use a knife and where to aim her knee. This was something different entirely.

"How do you join?" she asked. "You just show up?" Alina bobbed her head. "You talk to the Master of Training and they decide. You don't have to know how to use a weapon - they'll train you."

"Hmm" Alie said, eyes narrowed thoughtfully. Across the table, her grandfather groaned and closed his eyes. He knew what that look meant. Her grandmother just looked amused.

Three weeks later, Alienor packed her bags for the Grey Tower. She loved her grandparents, but she knew she didn't want to spend the rest of her life on a horse farm.

Career History

  • Drin (15 February 2020)