Alan Medros

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Alan Medros
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Arafellin

Alan Medros is an Arafellin Soldier of the Grey Tower.


Alan is of mid-height, wide shoulders, and has black hair. His eyes are dark blue and he has lash scars on his back. Like most from Arafel he has a deep sense of honor and debt. He is known to have a quick temper, and he hates anything to do with the shadow.


My name is Alan Medros, when I was sixteen my home on the northern border of Arafel was attacked by a Kobal raiding party. My father died defending my mother, my sister, and myself. A trolloc dragged me outside, and another dragged my mother and sister out by their hair. I tried to stop them but I was to scared.

Then a Fade walked out of the woods that surround our house, it walked up to where my mother and sister were huddled and said in a raspy voice. "A fine meal for you tonight." The trolloc next to it made half smile with its twisted half human face. Then the Eyeless one came towards me, it knelt down in front of me. I wanted to scream, but all I could do was sit there and shake. It smiled and said, "You will make a wonderful sword." That confused me, a sword, what did it mean. The thing stood and strode back into the woods, moments later it returned mounted on a black stallion, the trollocs all stood up. One of the with a wolf snout, picked up my mother, and another my sister. Then a large shape loomed over me, I looked up into human eyes over a beak like an eagle's. The trolloc bent down to pick me up, but it stopped when the Fade raised its hand. Then in that horrible voice it said, "He runs, now move out!"

The trollocs took up a grueling pace all throughout the night and for most of that day. I was forced to keep up, once I faltered and the Fade produced a black leather whip. I bear the scars on my back still. The Fade called a halt at dusk. I collapsed in the middle of the camp and watched in horror as one of the trollocs began setting up a large cookpot. Another went into the woods for firewood. Then I heard the worst sound in the world, my mother screaming as another trolloc dragged her toward the cookpot. I wanted to turn away, but I forced myself to watch, as they butchered my mother. I got up and ran towards one of them, it casually backhanded me. I flew through the air and slipped hit my head on something, and darkness set in.

That night I dreamed, I think, I remember fire and lightning, but I know that when I woke up, the clearing was gone, the ground was blackened and the only sign of the Shadowspawn was a few pieces of black armor. My sister was nowhere to be found.

I got up and ran south as fast as I could. I finally managed to make it to Shol Arbela. I spent a little time here and I met up with the merchant Kiran Dothan, who was on his way to Tear. I joined on with him as a guard, and I spent two years with him learning the basics of fighting. During those two years I puzzled out what happened in the clearing that day, I channeled the one power. I left Kiran and came here to the Grey Tower where I can finally learn to fight back. I will have my revenge.

Career History

  • Soldier