8th Community Awards

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The 8th Community Awards were announced on the 28th of May, 2018.[1]

Community Awards

Best Newcomer
Best Newcomerx1
Best Character Development
Best Character Developmentx1
  • Adanys
Best Plot Development
Best Plot Developmentx1
Most Captivating Thread
Most Captivating Threadx1
Most Tear-Jerking Thread
Most Tear-Jerking Threadx1
Best Fanfic
Best Fanficx1
Best Non-Channelling Combat
Best Non-Channelling Combatx1
Best (New) Biography
Best (New) Biographyx1
Best Dynamic Duo/Couple
Best Dynamic Duo / Couplex1
Best Star Crossed Lovers
Best Star Crossed Loversx1
Best Villain
Best Villainx1
Tower's Choice Award
Tower's Choice Awardx1
  • Bella
Friendship Ribbon
Friendship Ribbonx1
Friendship Ribbon
Not Friendship Ribbonx1
I Ship It! Ribbon
I Ship It! Ribbonx1