5th Community Awards

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The 5th Community Awards were announced on the 12th of September, 2017.[1]

Community Awards

Best Newcomer
Best Newcomerx1
Best Character Development
Best Character Developmentx1
  • Paul
Best Plot Development
Best Plot Developmentx1
Most Captivating Thread
Most Captivating Threadx1
Most Tear-Jerking Thread
Most Tear-Jerking Threadx1
Best Fanfic
Best Fanficx1
Best Non-Channelling Combat
Best Non-Channelling Combatx1
Most Creative Use of the One Power
Most Creative Use of the One Powerx1
Best (New) Biography
Best (New) Biographyx1
Best Dynamic Duo / Couple
Best Dynamic Duo / Couplex1
Best Star-Crossed Lovers
Best Star Crossed Loversx1
Best Villain
Best Villainx1
  • Marisa the Dreadlord, NPC by Marla
Tower's Choice Ribbon
Tower's Choice Awardx1
Friendship Ribbon
Friendship Ribbonx1
  • Craig
  • Andy
Friendship Ribbon
Not Friendship Ribbonx1
I Ship It! Ribbon
I Ship It! Ribbonx1

Admin Awards

The Admin Awards were announced on the 10th of September, 2017.[8]

Lan Ribbon for Warding
Lan Ribbon for Wardingx1
The Sheathed Sword
The Sheathed Swordx1
  • Andy with Alrim Farshera: He's down for anything, any time. He will send his character off to follow whoever needs help, he'll write out Alrim's past giving background to how he works angles in the present, will jump into any fight that needs it and show both heroism and realism at the same time. He will defend and protect. He is the Warder Ideal.
  • Alianora with Liaran Din Chelai Morning Star: Her thread with Liaran, written with Haeden, is a story with dramatic, long-term implications. She is taken by the White Tower, and refuses to sign the novice book so is Stilled. Her posts in captivity and of the Stilling show depth and character effect, and the effect is continued to be shown within the MRP.
Officer's Insanity Ribbon
Officer's Insanity Ribbonx1
Officer's Sanity Ribbon
Officer's Sanity Ribbonx1
  • Craig: One word: Library. The things he's created, updated, double-checked, and fixed in our current Library, as well as all the work he did to compile and prepare the GTRA and then put into other intensive upcoming Library projects... Well, he is clearly insane. And that's why we love him.
  • Roan: Simply put, she's supported other members of admin to the utmost and kept one or two of them from imploding entirely at times.
The Golden Broom
The Golden Broomx1
Community Ribbon
Community Ribbonx1
  • Matty: Despite a difficult and demanding Real Life, Matty has managed to remain an active presence in chat, maintain admin activity, and work on his threads with regularity and skill.
  • Marla: This award deems her Queen of Chat. While real life keeps her from being as active a presence in posts as she would prefer, her continuous presence in chat and engaging with people helps to build that part of the community. And when those there feel that, they bring it to others, in Discord and on the forums.