4th Community Awards

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The 4th Community Awards were announced on the 3rd of July, 2017.[1]

Community Awards

Best Newcomer
Best Newcomerx1
Best Character Development
Best Character Developmentx1
  • Daniel
Best Plot Development
Best Plot Developmentx1
Most Captivating Thread
Most Captivating Threadx1
Most Tear-Jerking Thread
Most Tear-Jerking Threadx1
Best Fanfic
Best Fanficx1
  • "Fire Dances" by Damon
Best Non-Channelling Combat
Best Non-Channelling Combatx1
Most Creative Use of the One Power
Most Creative Use of the One Powerx1
  • Natlya's use of the sword, the kettle, and the frying pan in "A Most Excellent Adventure"
  • Jaryd's use of the Wards in the Current MRP
Best (New) Biography
Best (New) Biographyx1
Best Dynamic Duo / Couple
Best Dynamic Duo / Couplex1
Best Star Crossed Lovers
Best Star Crossed Loversx1
Best Villain
Best Villainx1
Tower's Choice Award
Tower's Choice Awardx1
Friendship Ribbon
Friendship Ribbonx1
  • Damon
Friendship Ribbon
Not Friendship Ribbonx1
I Ship It! Ribbon
I Ship It! Ribbonx1

Admin Awards

The Admin Awards were announced on the 21st of June, 2017.[2]

Non-Player Character Ribbon
Non-Player Character Ribbonx1
Golden Broom Ribbon
The Golden Broomx1
  • Sunny
The Purple Heart
Purple Heartx1
Nynaeve Ribbon for Healing
Nynaeve Ribbon for Healingx1
Egwene Ribbon for Leadership
Egwene Ribbon for Leadershipx1
Mark of Friendship
The Mark of Friendshipx1
The Builder's Ribbon
Builder's Ribbonx1
  • Craig