2nd Community Awards

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The 2nd Community Awards were announced on the 7th of February, 2017.[1]

Community Awards

Best Newcomer
Best Newcomerx1
Best Character Development
Best Character Developmentx1
  • Elan: Elan has quickly become a familiar face in chat, and has been noted to write a likeable, light character without verging into exaggerated.
  • Cat: for not being shy and throwing Johan straight into the action, for better or worse.
  • Hannah: Like Cat, she wasn't shy at throwing herself and her character into the thick of things.
  • Johan: Cat has done an exceptional job of showing the man's personality, from his bio to his threads. You can see a clear and determined growth of personality.
  • Miahala: Time marches on, and Miahala keeps seamlessly striding at its side. Transition from the highest position in the Tower could be seen as a retirement. Instead it has renewed Mia's spirit, and the Green in her is once again flourishing under a wanderlust for adventure and freedom from the multihued shawl of the Amyrlin.
Best Plot Development
Best Plot Developmentx1
Most Captivating Thread
Most Captivating Threadx1
  • "All Work and No Play": that Paks was denied what she wanted did not go unnoticed by the readers, nor did they miss the surprising development that came to both Paks and Natalya in this thread.
  • Emmond: We might not know quite what is going on with Emmond but his development over time has us intrigued!
Best Non-Channelling Combat
Best Non-Channelling Combatx1
Most Creative Use of the One Power
Most Creative Use of the One Powerx1
  • Terric in "Hold With Those who Favor Fire"
  • Taesh: For his continued efforts with not only plantweaving, but scrying as well.
Best New Biography
Best (New) Biographyx1
Best Villain
Best Villainx1
  • Elia Darrow: After destroying the Novices' and Soldiers' Quarters, Elia slipped back into the shadows undetected, but her scheming has not diminished. She forcefully took control of the Black Ajah, began tying nooses around a few characters' necks, and slipped between the sheets with a former M'Hael, all without having her true identity revealed.
  • Murdock Mather: Murdock remains to be the king of nightmares. He is shrouded in shadows and strikes when you least expect. His confrontation with Odette was spine-chilling and nerve-numbing and an absolute delight to read.
Tower's Choice Award
Tower's Choice Awardx1
Friendship Ribbon
Friendship Ribbonx1
  • Bella
  • Jenny
  • Locke
Friendship Ribbon
Not Friendship Ribbonx1
I Ship It! Ribbon
I Ship It! Ribbonx1
  • Elia and Jaryd: this can only end in disaster and we can't wait to see how it unfolds.
  • Jaren and Jaryd and Nasrin in any combination: you are all incorrigible.
  • Miahala and Ravak: two of the most fertile people in the Tower, what could possibly go wrong?

Admin Awards

NPC Ribbon
Non-Player Character Ribbonx1
The Sheathed Sword
The Sheathed Swordx1
  • Locke for his NPCs: who can resist the allure of Dog Gaidin?
  • Sunny: Sunny's characters always seem to be getting put through the wringer, from Seanchan collars to PTSD, none of her roster are safe.
The Mark of Training
The Mark of Trainingx1
The Blade, Fang and Flame's Commendation
The Blade, Fang and Flame's Commendationx1
  • Locke: Locke is always ready to knock the Drin around the yards with Terric.
  • Hannah: Straight away Hannah rounded everyone up for a class which she presented in an interesting and fun way. Great job!
  • Bella: Bella has always been to hand and is consistently posts and plots with anyone and everyone. She has jumped straight back into her role as MoNster and it is great to see!
  • Roan: Roan has endured no less than 4 changes in the Triumvirate over the last few months, and has her own personal business to be contending with as well. However, she has been an active presence throughout it all and this has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.
Alviarin Ribbon for Deceit
Alviarin Ribbon for Deceitx1
Community Ribbon
Community Ribbonx1
  • Murdock Mather: The approaching sound of the Keeper's cane should put fear into the hearts of man. Murdock is a man that indulges in his own passions with a chilling analytical aloofness, and he seems utterly unfazed by the bodies left behind in his wake.
  • Jenny: Jenny has always gone through a lot of effort as MoNster to make people feel welcome and to collaborate with them, both IC and OOC.
  • Sunny: Sunny does so much for the site, a lot of it behind the scenes, and this deserves recognition.
  • Bella: Bella is constantly involving everyone in her menagerie of characters' shenanigans.